Pokemon GO is coming to Android Wear

Pokemon GO is coming to Android Wear


Just as we see Apple announce that Pokemon GO is coming to the new Apple Watch, it seems that Niantic are planning on bringing the popular AR app to Android Wear too.

From details hidden within the app that have been data mined from the latest Android build of Pokemon GO version 0.37.0. The data was extracted using utilities for Android Developers: 7zip for initial probing, dex2jar to de-compile and jd-gui to inspect the code.

Pokémon GO updated to 0.37, adds Buddy Pokémon and Pokémon GO Plus support

Courtesy of PokemonGOHub, here’s what was found:

  • Android app contains a whole new pokemongoplus project referencing Pokemon GO implementation on Android Wear
  • The code implementation is marked as complete and release ready
  • Android Watch will also use Bluetooth to communicate with your Android Smartphone
  • The communication between the smartphone app and your Android watch is encrypted(AES)
  • Pokemon GO Plus works in the background – it is not required to keep the smartphone app opened while playing on the watch
  • A variety of Android Wear devices smart watches are supported – the code scans for watch characteristics and adapts accordingly
  • Some Android Wear devices work with iOS also. The data mined implementation suggest you’ll be able to use an Android smartwatch and pair it with iOS

For the full extract of the data mine, be sure to check out PokemonGOHub.

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